Must-have stroller accessories

stroller accessoriesAny mom (or stroller addict) knows that good stroller accessories are almost as important as the stroller itself.

Even though there’s now a stroller that generates power to charge your cell phone and folds by itself, baby gear manufacturers have yet to come out with a stroller that really does it all. Dare I mention all the high-end strollers that have optional accessories but do not include them in the (sometimes hefty) price tags? Yeah, that’s a touchy subject amongst some moms.

In my experience, it’s not always a bad thing that a stroller doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles. Would it be nice to get a little more parental support for the money? Sure. But I’ve found some stroller accessories that don’t necessarily match the name of the stroller but work even better… at least for my needs.

The Mommy Hook

The Mommy Hook is the go-to stroller accessory for on the go moms. This lightweight hook fits on every stroller handle and holds grocery bags, a purse, toys… you name it. While stroller manufacturers typically discourage hanging items from your stroller handle, it’s best to use your instinct with this one. Certainly don’t hang multiple grocery bags (just because you can) on the Mommy Hook from a lightweight, easy-to-tip stroller. I like to keep one in my car to use after a trip to the zoo! After a long day, I’ll pile the diaper bag, my purse, shopping bags, trash bags, etc. on the Mommy Hook and take everything inside in one trip.

BOB Handlebar Console

The Handlebar Console from BOB is my all time favorite parent console for a stroller. I’ve found that this handy little accessory fits almost every stroller, making it virtually universal. What’s even better is that the double Handlebar Console fits on most side-by-side double strollers, too. The center zip pocket is a great place to keep your keys, phone and other personal items safe and out of plain sight, while the built-in drink holders fit most water bottles and sippy cups — both the single and double Handlebar Console has two built-in cup holders. Say goodbye to cup holders that attach to the side of the handlebar and stick out (knocking into every doorway and passerby). This is one stroller accessory I will never part with.

Tag A Long

If you have an independent preschooler or a child that likes to wander, the Tag A Long is a must for you! The Tag A Long keeps children at a safe distance from the stroller, far enough to give them a sense of independence but close enough for you to keep a close eye on them. The Tag A Long is easy to install and remove or can be stored flush with the side of the stroller when not in use.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect snack tray. But when I find it, you’ll be the first to know!

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