Must-have stroller accessories

Any mom (or stroller addict) knows that good stroller accessories are almost as important as the stroller itself. Even though there’s now a stroller that generates power to charge your cell phone and folds by itself, baby gear manufacturers have yet to come out with a stroller that really does it all. Dare I mention all the high-end strollers that have optional accessories but do not include them in the (sometimes hefty) price tags? Yeah, that’s a touchy subject amongst some moms. In my experience, it’s not always a bad thing that a stroller doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles. Would it be nice to get a little more parental support for the money? Sure. But I’ve found some stroller accessories that don’t necessarily match the name of the stroller but work even better… at least for my needs. The Mommy Hook The Mommy Hook is the go-to stroller accessory for on the go moms. This lightweight hook fits on every stroller handle and holds grocery bags, a … Continue reading

Pregnancy Survival Guide

Most common topics I get asked about? What foods do I need to avoid? Stay away from undercooked meats, unpasteurized foods, and lunchmeats that have not been heated. Tuna, tile, mackerel and swordfish have a lot of mercury, which is not good for the fetal brain, so limit to 12 ounces per week. Always try to buy wild caught fish as opposed to farm raised. Stay away from alcohol, I know this is not the case in Europe, but here in the US, we recommend staying away from even small amounts. You don’t have to give up your caffeine; you can still have it, limit to one beverage a day. Food with a lot of nitrites, like salami and hotdogs are not a good choice for pregnant women. Medications? For pain, Tylenol is best. Avoid Motrin, Ibuprofen and any aspirin containing products. You can take most allergy medicine and Sudafed for congestion if you don’t suffer from high blood pressure. Imodium is fine for an upset stomach. All other medications … Continue reading