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Growing up, we often traveled to third world countries. I saw poverty and sickness firsthand. I knew even then, that I wanted to help. As a child, I just did not know how.Recently, I read the book Half the Sky. Eventually it is a dream of mine, to go to impoverished nations and help deliver babies, operate on women who have been injured in childbirth, and to teach basic obstetric skills.

Right now, I would like to make a difference. In the US, we all have access to prenatal care and hospitals.  Other women however are not so fortunate. Women may die in childbirth due to lack of access to care or lack of money to pay for services. This should not be the case. Birth should be miraculous no matter where it occurs.

We can all help. mamadoc is all about women, their babies, and taking care of the environment.  Therefore, we have decided that a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the International Medical Corps; to provide women with Caesarean section kits, midwife kits, toiletries, access to better trained doctors and midwives, all of which allow women to have safer deliveries preventing unnecessary maternal and fetal death.

As women, we can save each other and our children. What a real difference we can make.

About Distant Village

mamadoc is committed to partnering with organizations that promote sustainable practices. If we find a company that contributes toward local economies, supports and empowers women, AND works to protect the environment—even better! We have partnered with Distant Village, a leader in sustainable handmade packaging, to produce our mamadoc gift box. They specialize in handmade packaging, using natural fiber scrap of manila hemp, banana plant fiber, durian fruit husk waste, and other indigenous materials.

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